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I'm a young and dynamic Web Developer who loves to start new projects. I'm a member of an European organization called ESN (Erasmus Student Network) where I build many websites in order to help all the local sections.

I have lots of experience in the Symfony2 framework which I really love, but I'm also very curious about new technologies like Angular. I also really enjoy the Web of things and making small projects with Raspberry-Pi

Latest Projects

ESN MobilIT App

ESN MobilIT App

ESN MobilIT is an app which will allow you to follow events from the ESN section in your city. News, partners and events from their website will be directly added to the app. With it, you also have a survival guide provided by the ESN section to help you at your arrival and during all your stay. You'll be also notified when a new event shows up on the website !

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ERP - ESN Lille Administration


A class Entreprise Ressource Planning to manage people from our organization. This ERP will allow you to find other contacts from the section, a tree to retrieve all mentors, permanence planning and reports, treasury and more.

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Faucon d'or

ESN - Faucon d'or

Faucon d'or (project code name) helps the national board to centralize sections members' and sections' participation.

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ESN - LogoInserter

The LogoInserter was made to help the communication advisers from ESN to paste a logo on several pictures

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Other Projects

H2Otechs - DataManager Open Source

A simple website to export data taken from automates sensor. The website gives a global view of all data with animated statistics and reporting sections

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ESN - NP Nancy 2015 Open Source

This Android application was made for a National Platform of ESN, few tabs where users could find information about the calendar, awards, and information for the weekend. A special Wake Up was made by installing push notification.

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ESNBundle Open Source

This project is a generic bundle to centralise all entities needed in an ESN project.

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Work Experience

Symfony2 - Web Developer Ylly (2015 - Present), Lille

Courrently in the web agency, I'm half dedicated to maintain several websites and the other half on a project which I'm leading (customer relation, technical support ...)

Symfony2 - Web Developer (Internship) Ylly 6 months (2015), Lille

For this 6 months internship, I worked first on a very complete Symfony2 website (Forum, Chat, Donations ...) to up my skills. Then, I worked on another difficult project which had more environments. I had to find solutions for several problems and make one big evolution. Finally, I had a project from scratch to do (WebAPI with synchronisation on an remote CRM all working with an Android App.

Service Civique ESN Lille 5 months (2014 - 2015), Lille

This 5 months work was made at the same time as my master degree and it gave me the opportunity to improve new skills not related to my work. Indeed, the main mission was to do the Public Relations for the organisation and also help the President on several tasks when necessary. Mobility Promotion, Talk in front of hundreds of people, organise an integration weekend and more was also part of this job.

PHP - Web Developer 8P Design 5 months (2014), Montréal

The main work was to programme on Drupal modules but I also had to made some wireframes, custom web modules and customer relation.

PHP - Web Developer H2oTechs 3 months (2013), Orange

Only developer in a small team, I had to find solutions to get data from automats and animate them with a website to simplify reporting for the company.

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